Experience. Fairness. Integrity

I left a successful private law practice and became a Wake County District Court judge in 2012 to make a more meaningful contribution to our county’s justice system. District Court cases include traffic offenses, DWI’s, misdemeanor crimes, domestic violence cases, juvenile offenses, family law cases, and other civil disputes. Close to 200,000 criminal and civil cases were disposed of in Wake County District Court during the latest annual reporting period. These cases touch the lives of our county’s citizens in permanent ways and leave them with lasting impressions of our system of justice.

As a Wake County District Court Judge, I am committed to managing our high volume of cases by working hard and performing my judicial duties for our county’s citizens every day of every week, while giving each case and each party the individual focus and attention they deserve. I strive to give our citizens a positive impression of Wake County’s justice system and promote respect for the judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers, and court staff responsible for making it work effectively. I am dedicated to being patient and courteous with all parties, helping people involved in our justice system, and making our justice system accessible and effective for all citizens.

After 27 years of practicing law in Wake County and serving as a District Court Judge since 2012, I have the legal knowledge, courtroom management experience, good judgment and sense of fairness to serve all of our citizens well as a District Court Judge. I am committed to equal justice under the law, keeping an open mind and an even temper, and deciding cases fairly according to the facts and the law, without any bias or personal agenda. When justified by the facts, I apply and enforce the law with a firm hand, mindful of victims’ rights. When called for by an individual party’s circumstances, I look for practical and compassionate ways to do justice.

Honesty, fairness, and integrity are the principles of conduct I have strived to follow throughout my legal career. A passage from the Wake County Bar Association’s Creed of Professionalism, which I helped compose, is my guiding light. “My word is my bond. Integrity is an absolute. Fairness and civility are essential.” As a District Court Judge, I am committed to these principles.